Terms and Conditions 

Your use of our service is subject to the following terms and conditions, which you are deemed to accept when you pay for any of our services.

General Terms and Conditions

These Terms constitute the contract between Job Experts Limited and the Client and are deemed to be accepted by the Client when payment is made for the service. All Fees are inclusive of any Value Added Taxes or other applicable sales tax. Tax will be charged at the applicable rate within the UK and included on any quoted price.

A contract only exists when Job Experts Limited accepts your order. We reserve the right to decline your order or to withdraw services/goods at any time without notice. All prices and services are subject to change without prior notice.
Job Experts Limited accepts in good faith information, which purchasers of its services provided, and is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of such information.

1) Payment for Professional Services

Payment for purchased services are payable in advance by Credit or Debit Card or by bank account provided to you directly from the Job Experts professional on email or our social media. Payments may be taken online or by telephone to an Advisor. Additionally Paypal or bank transfers may be used. Services will not be provided until payment has been received in full or until the Payment Plan Agreement has been accepted.

2) Amendments to CVs

Job Experts Limited will make any changes required by you within the agreed period following the creation of a new CV. If you make any changes yourself to the CV produced by Job Experts Limited this will result in no further work being undertaken and will invalidate any guarantees. CV amendments cannot and will not be processed as a complaint until the client has followed procedures and worked with their writer past the first draft. If a writer requests further information and you take longer than 72 hours to come back to the writer, please be aware that you may be looking at a turnaround of up to 15 working days or more as the normal turnaround times no longer apply to you. When the CV has been crafted, we can only assume that all roles/ information has been provided prior to the creation of the first draft. Any new roles or large amounts of information provided following the first draft may lead to further charges due to the additional time required by the Writer. This does not affect Clients update cover, this relates solely to the initial crafting of the document. Update cover starts 8 weeks following the finalised draft.

3) Standard Service: 

Job Experts Limited in no way guarantees a full re-write of your CV when the standard CV package has been purchased. We claim to only provide a new layout, new key skills section, new profile, condensing (where possible) and a grammar check. Once purchased and standard service has completed, there is an option to upgrade to a premium option and just pay the difference. A refund can not be considered or provided relating to the experience not been re-written as this service has been marketed clearly for what it is.

4) Premium & All inclusive packages 

Job Experts Limited and it’s CV writers will endeavour to re-write the document in its entirety, following the purchase of a premium  CV package. Please be aware that with the experience, we do have to re-write what is there and that we do not under any circumstances knowingly lie or create false information/ achievements. In some cases, information within your CV will remain the same if the writer feels that the information is relevant and well written as it stands. If you would like the information re-writing regardless following a draft, please request that with your writer and this will be done for you. Understand that the price paid does not just cover the cost of a brand new CV, it also covers the cost of the telephone consultation if required, CV distribution where necessary and covering letter. 

5) CV Format/ Style/ Layout:

Job Experts Limited crafts layouts are currently provided by third parties. If you have a CV layout in mind, please inform your Writer/ Account Manager at the beginning of the service so it can be discussed before the CV is crafted – failure to do so, will not guarantee a change of format on our side. You will have access to the Word version so you can add new formats at your own risk of losing out on roles due to lack of functionality.

6) Writer Assignments:

Job Experts Limited will endeavour to assign you to an industry specific writer. The writer will have direct experience and knowledge of your sector and possibly your role.

7) Telephone Consultations:

CV writers will always endeavor to provide you with consultation time outside of our ordinary working hours (9am – 5:00pm) . This always remains at the discretion of our writers and is not something we can always guarantee on a daily basis due to personal commitments and family life. In the unlikely event that you have a consultation booked in and the call doesn’t materialise with your writer, we do have procedures in place to deal with this situation. We ask that clients contact a member of the team via telephone, email or live chat as soon as possible with an understanding that there has clearly been an error of some kind. The writer should then apologise and offer to do the consultation at that time or offer to re-arrange the call. As per our personal SLAs of service, as long as the writer has made telephonic contact within 24 working hours of the missed-consultation we are unable to accept a late/ missed consultation eligible for refund. Job Experts Limited will always endeavour to make up for any blunders with gestures of goodwill and/ or swift turnarounds.


8) Complaints Procedure:

We are sorry that you wish to make a complaint about Job Experts Limited. Please read carefully the Job Experts Limited Code of Practice for Complaints Handling as set out below to ensure you are clear as to what happens when you submit a complaint, and how you should submit a complaint to us. We take customer complaints very seriously and aim to resolve all complaints within a timely manner. To make a complaint, all you need to do is follow the following procedure, detailing the full extent of why you are dissatisfied with the service delivered by Job Experts Limited.

Please send an email directly to info@writemycvnow.com with one or more of the following subject lines: Timescales, Abusive or Aggressive Behaviour, Lack of Communication or Mis-sold Service


  1. Your email must then outline, the date that you purchased, the method that you purchased the service/s (email, telephone, BACS), how much you paid and which member of staff sold you the service if any

  2. Continue to fully outline your complaint with as much detail as possible

  3. We will acknowledge your complaint within a 10 day period. A member of the Job Experts Limited investigation team will review the full detail of why you are dissatisfied with the service provided by Job Experts Limited

  4. We may involve third party service providers to assist us in resolving your complaint, this may involve us passing details of your complaint to our larger group company.

  5. We aim to resolve all complaints within 8 weeks from receipt

  6. We will provide a formal response to your complaint within 20 days via email or post. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can ask us to reconsider your complaint and we will escalate the matter to a team manager


*Please note that any complaints should relate to the service, clients must work past the 1st draft of the document prior to making a complaint. We cannot be held responsible for any outcomes achieved from the documents – i.e. number of interviews generated etc.

9) Aggressive and rude behaviour:

At no time do we find it acceptable to deal with rude or aggressive behaviour including swearing, shouting, threatening or general abuse. This also relates to discriminatory conduct relating to; age, gender, race, culture and sexual orientation. We also expect that if any client has anything negative to state about a writer or a member of staff, that these comments are not stated to the member of staff in question both via the telephone or email.  If any of the former occurs, this will result in the termination of the service with immediate effect without return of funds.

10) Interruptions 

Service / Delay
Timescales stated are always “best endeavour” and are achieved in over 95% of cases. Job Experts Limited does not accept responsibility or liability, however, for any interruptions to the service it provides as a result of breakdown of Internet, email or other supporting services or client’s internet, email or other supporting services. We will always make our best efforts to ensure timescales are achieved.

11) Termination

Job Experts Limited may terminate or suspend services if the Client unreasonably fails to co-operate or communicate, without prejudice to the agreed fees. If a client misses a telephone consultation and doesn’t get back in contact with the writer within 1 hour of the missed telephone consultation or refuses to answer questions that have been requested by the writer, we maintain the right to terminate services or invoice for further fee’s due to time wasted on behalf of the writer. If a client fails to respond to queries made by the Account Manager/ CV writer within a 14 day period, we hold the right to terminate the service due to lack of response. This clause relates to any form of contact including, but not limited to amendments, complaints and refund requests.

12) Client Relations

Job Experts Limited maintains communication solely with the individual taking part in the service. The client may not be the individual who paid for the service but they are the only individual who can be deemed as being the `client”. Complaints, refunds, amendments, communication can only be handled with the client taking part in the service. Due to data protection we will not discuss a client's service with any 3 party – even when claiming to be family and friends. We do make an exception to Carers of our Clients or if a client is under the age of 18* 

This clause also relates to amendments and changes on the CV. We will not make amendments to a CV relating to a colleague, friend, family members unqualified opinion regarding any clients CV. The only time we accept changes is when a client specifically wants information editing or can provide us with in-depth feedback from a Recruiter/ Employer relating to a role they applied for with them. (We don’t accept changes/ amendments because a friend works or used to work in Recruitment and has given you advice)

13) Turn Around Times

The following clauses relate purely to our CV writing service, including accompanying letters and LinkedIn profiles. We aim to deliver your CV either within 3 -5 working days (Standard Service) or 24 hours (Express Service).

Timescales apply only to orders received within working hours (9:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday to Friday). For any orders received outside office hours they will be processed on the next working day and ready within 3 – 5 working days from the telephone consultation, CVs can and will be produced anytime between 12 am on the day the CV is due out and 12 am the next day. If for any reason these deadlines cannot be met, you will be notified immediately, although Job Experts Limited cannot be held responsible for issues which fall beyond our reasonable control. Turn around times may be affected, if a client is unavailable to for a consultation or if a client is delayed in answering the questions requested by their writer. All turnaround times relate only to standard Monday to Friday working days and exclude weekends and Bank Holidays. On many occasions work will be undertaken over weekends and Bank Holidays but this is purely provided to enhance the service and as such is not included within the advertised timescales.

14) 100% Money Back Guarantee

Job Experts Limited guarantee a full refund will be provided if communication hasn’t been retained and turnaround times are not met. If a client has purchased a package and failed to hear from anyone from our organisation via email or telephone then the client maintains the right to request a termination of service with full return of funds due to lack of communication. The lack of communication only comes into play following a 48 hour period and must of taken place over 2 normal working days. The client is expected to have contacted the office to inform us within that 48 hour period, if normal communication has not resumed following the chase from the client then a full refund can be granted. When issuing the 100% money guarantee regarding lateness, we can only provide this prior to documentation being completed. We cannot provide a full refund for lateness once documents have been received. We will be happy to provide a gesture of goodwill in these rare cases. If your service runs over 48 hours from the consultation/ information being received and you still haven’t received your documents then you must contact the main office via telephone in order to terminate the service and receive a 100% refund.

15) Cancellations

On receipt of any order we will take payment for the service purchased.  Cancellation of such orders by the client does not automatically entitle the client to a full refund.  However, if a client’s circumstances change or they no longer wish to proceed with the service purchased we will review such cases on an individual basis and consider if the client qualifies for a refund. Cancellations can only be considered if a cancellation request is logged within 30 days from purchase date. Once work has begun on a CV, clients may cancel the service, but they do so at their own risk with no guarantee of a full refund.  Job Experts Limited retain the right to charge an administration fee for any such cancellation agreed, and for processes put in place / work already carried out.Terms and conditions apply and will be referred to within every individual case

16) Interview Guarantee 

Job Experts Limited strives to ensure that clients achieve new roles through their documents. We do not however make any guarantees that you will receive any job offers or interviews following our review. 

17) Refusals

Job Experts Limited maintains the right to refuse any changes/ amendments/ layouts that could potentially have a negative impact on your job search down the line. We have a professional obligation to craft CVs that are fit for purpose and functional and will get through ATS systems and open doors for clients. Clients must respect that when they are taking up a service with Job Experts Limited, they are handing over your document to be crafted in our styling, based on our success and professional expertise. If a client persistently denies the advice and writing style provided by the Writer, then we maintain the right to refuse to continue any further without return of funds. In order to get a full return on your investment it is highly recommended that you let the Writer do their job and take their advice as this is why you have paid for our services.


18) Administration Charges

From receipt of payment you are committing to the completion of  a service with ourselves. Refund requests relating to the requested termination of your service prior to being assigned to the Writer will result in the retained amount of 30% of your total fee to cover administration charges.